Introducing Exude Spotlight

First of two Exude Spotlight podcasts debut today, others to come.

Exude Group’s very first podcast is debuting under a new Exude brand: Exude Spotlight.

Exude Spotlight is a blog that aims to give a voice to emerging creatives. We’re open to contributions from anyone from emerging musicians to established industry figures. If you’re a new name in the music industry and want to learn more about any part of it, Exude Spotlight aims to be the place to go. It’s also our platform for two specific podcasts — Exude Spotlight Artists and Exude Spotlight Industry.

Exude Spotlight Artists gives you a uniquely personal view of the music industry today. Hosts Lee Mitvalsky of Redferrie, Sam Sharkey of Franco Cozzo and Shaemus Corcoran of Exude Group bring you a real-life perspective on all things music, from recordings, to live shows, to touring, and much more. The Artists podcast launches today, debuting on YouTube, with an audio version to follow.

Exude Spotlight Industry is a podcast that explores the ever-evolving entertainment industry. Hosted by the young minds of Exude Group, learn with us as we explore industry with all its excitement, pitfalls, and all the work that goes in. Whether you’re a muso, manage bands, book artists, or are running a music festival, hear from young minds who are going through it all.

Exude Spotlight is coming soon, with Exude Spotlight Artists launching early, with a website for the podcast launching soon.

You can check out the debut episode of Exude Spotlight Podcasts on YouTube.