Good Sniff’s first 2022 single release ‘Sniff City’ out today

‘Sniff City’, the first of several landmark releases for Good Sniff in 2022, arrives today bringing a fresh new sound and energy to Good Sniff’s hit music portfolio.

Melbourne, Australia — Exude Group and Good Sniff are proud to announce the release ‘Sniff City’ today.

Sniff City’ is first of many new releases for 2022, with this and future releases focussing on various experiences bandmates Lachie Brown (drummer and lead vocalist) and Elias Hodson-Galvan (bassist) have encountered in their lives.

Produced by Melbourne-based engineer Theo Saunders, the new track dishes out on the sparkly, clean image of the city with a heavy dose of reality. Sniff City has that weird story listeners can relate to, whether it’s a crazy-drunk night out, a bad date, an encounter with cookers, an unfortunate run-in with authorities, or getting screwed on PT.

The Good Sniff boys continue to bring their unique sound from Geelong to the rest of the world. Their obnoxious take on punk has put Lachie and Elias on stages with the likes of Skegss and Ruby Fields, and brought fans to raise over $4,000 for their R U OK? Fundraiser show commemorating the mastered release of ‘Beach Slumba’, recorded by their late frontman Louie Shearman.

Outlets can request pre-release access for Good Sniff’s upcoming tracks via the press contacts below.