Franco Cozzo’s Final Release “Laters” Out Now

The last hurrah for Exude Management’s first artist launches on major streaming platforms today.

Franco Cozzo, the first artist to join Exude Management’s roster, has released its debut and final album “Laters”, capping off six years of music.

Laters is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

Doors open and close. It’s bittersweet. Franco Cozzo was our entryway into the music industry - the people within friends for life. Thanks for the good times and allowing us to be part of your journey.” — Exude Group.

We are glad this music can finally reach its audience. Feels like a weight off to have it out in the world more than a year after we ceased recording.” — Archie Beattie, guitarist and saxophonist of Franco.

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